Launch Of The YFS Framework At The UNGA 2023

Objectives Of The Launch

On the 22nd of September 2023, in a ground-breaking move on the side-lines of the United Nations General Assembly, Consortium Jeunesse Senegal (CJS) proudly introduced the Youth Friendly Standards Framework. This trailblazing initiative, co-created with UNICEF, Generation Unlimited, WeBridge Africa, Mastercard Foundation, International Youth Foundation, and the European Union, heralds a transformative era in global youth engagement.

Our Torchbearers


Lead support for the Youth Friendly Standards pilot project to co-create assessment tools and provide technical assistance, committed to addressing the injustice of ignoring young people.


Support to establish Youth Friendly Standards and certification procedures through stakeholder input, analysis, and business model development.


Gen U partnered with UNICEF for the public-private-Youth collaboration framework at the launch of the Youth Friendly Standards framework strategy to catalyse impact and build future leaders.


IYF helps to train and support youth advocates and professionals to implement Youth Friendly Standards, licenses organizations to align with these standards, and accredits and endorses successful initiatives.


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    Paradigm Shift

    Youth inclusion requires systemic engagement with young people in the governance; programs, products, and services; business relationships; community development; and institutional partnerships of various stakeholders. This includes understanding the paradigm shift from a conventional engagement and service delivery approach to a systems-based approach with an intersectional lens to improve youth inclusion.

    Kathryn Byrne

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    Nadi Albino

    The Youth Friendly Standards align perfectly with Gen U's mission to empower youth and drive change at a global scale.

    Pia Saunders Campbell

    The Youth Friendly Standards is a disruptor and an enabler to meaningful youth engagement (MYE) which aligns with positive youth development and systems approaches.

    Chido Cleopatra Mpemba

    The launch of the Youth Friendly Standards Framework is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of creating a world where young voices matter.